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Rocket Launch at December Nights

Tonight we stopped by our local winery just a mile or so from our house to walk around and enjoy their December nights celebration.  It’s as close as Diana and

Fall Wall

We don’t get much fall color in San Diego unless you venture up to the mountains or unless you really look for it.  Some of our deciduous trees do show

San Diego Bay

I have this week off, I’m grateful for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We had to drop my mother in law off at the airport for a flight to Utah. Diana stayed

First Weather

The season changed a bit in San Diego today.  We had our first rain although it was only fractions of an inch.  Trust me, the first rain of the season

Coronado Beach with Rolleiflex

I’ve been meaning to take a trip to nearby Coronado for a few weeks now, at sunset.  Last weekend I had the day to myself to take some time to

Nitro Nite at Cruising Grand

Tonight was the last night of Cruising Grand for 2017.  As night comes early this time of year, I shot with my Leica M for the higher ISO possibilities.  It

Making Mistakes Along the Way

We’ve been having crazy hot weather in San Diego the last few days.  Daytime Temperatures have reached 108F with high humidity to go with it.  Not weather that makes me

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