Coronado Beach with Rolleiflex

I’ve been meaning to take a trip to nearby Coronado for a few weeks now, at sunset.  Last weekend I had the day to myself to take some time to

Battle Frog ~ San Diego

My youngest son and his girlfriend signed up for Battle Frog with a few of their friends.  Battle Frog is a branded obstacle race series held in various locations around

Slowing Down Even More

Film photography has forced me to slow down.  The process of taking a shot by itself doesn’t require that I slow down.  I can still shoot as many shots on

The Natural Beauty of Vermont

We spent almost a week in Vermont after our recent trip to New York to attend a film workshop hosted by Johnny and Rebecca Patience and Bijan Sabet and some

Happy Accidents

I really, really struggled with developing a roll of 120 Kodak Tri-x this past weekend.  I just couldn’t get the film to roll onto my developing spool. I am not

Rollei Repairs and CLA’s

I drove up to Manhattan Beach on February 11 to pick up my Rolleiflex at Harry Fleenor’s.  Harry has been repairing Rollei’s since 1966, some of those years in their

Cruising Grand with a Rolleiflex 2.8f

One of my ongoing projects is to shoot the classic cars at Cruising Grand, Escondido.  Escondido is city in northern San Diego County. I normally shoot images here with my

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