Backups ~ Part II

This is a follow up to describe my new backup strategy. It’s a well followed strategy for backups so you won’t find any earth shattering revelations here. But it may


Drobo 5N2 My world has been set on its side! Well, in a small way. I have almost 6 terabytes of files that I back up, most of them images

Slight Change of Course

I haven’t written anything lately and that’s reflected in my photography. I think it has a lot to do with coming off my project 365. Doing a year long project

The Devolution of Film Photography

  I was recently at a major conference in Chicago hosted by Workday, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system growing very quickly with an expanding customer base. The keynote was

My Favorite Photography Podcasts

If you live and breathe photography like I do you’’ll want to find any way you can to keep learning to continually improve your skills and knowledge. Subscribing and listening

Slowing Down Even More

Film photography has forced me to slow down.  The process of taking a shot by itself doesn’t require that I slow down.  I can still shoot as many shots on

Battling Camera Lust

If you’re like me, someone whose thoughts turn to photography everyday in some form or another, you’re likely also drawn into and pushing away from the constant temptation to collect

Taking a Leap ~ with Film

It’s always intimidating and at the same time exciting to try something new and unknown, taking on a personal challenge that we’ve never attempted before.  We don’t normally venture from the norm

Who Defines our Success in Photography

What defines your personal success with your photography? Seems like a very straightforward question but with deeper reflection may not be so simple to answer. This not meant to be

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