Cruising Grand

I usually shoot with film at Cruising Grand. This week, I went digital.

This past Friday was a cooler night than normal for this time of year. It was also Mother’s Day weekend which seemed to keep the crowd down, at least it felt that way.

As is typical, I shot a bit more prolifically than I would have shooting film. I was also learning how the M handled. The Leica M(262) has centered weighted metering, essentially the same metering as my film camera. I started shooting like it was a matrix metered exposure system and got the results I should have expected. Once I figured it out, I went back to the way I normally expose on my film camera. I look for the middle grey in the scene and try to expose there. I eventually went to all manual because the aperture priority setting was a bit tougher for me to work with. It was funny really because the results from the 262 drove me back to how I shoot with my Leica MP. It’s just perfect, I can shoot both cameras the same way.

Here are some of my better results from the night.

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