The Fujifilm X100s ~ My Soul Camera

I’m a loyal film shooter, I love the look of analog.

However, I do shoot digital sometimes but am very particular about what I shoot with.  I now only use Fuji’s X100s for any of my non-film shots.  There’s a soulful connection when I use the X100s.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s an incredible tool that bends to my approach to photography.  I feel a connection.  I see a scene and I just know how to make the camera see what I see even though it may not be the true reality as seen by any human eye at the same place and time.  The X100s has an amazing rendition of color right out of the camera.  I shoot raw plus jpeg fine, the jpeg’s are spectacular with usually no adjustment required.

These are some shots last night at Oceanside Harbor.  For a few seconds the sun peeked between a section of high clouds and low tropical haze on the horizon.  It turned a shade of gold that reflected beautifully off the harbor water and off the colorful buildings around the harbor itself.

So, while I love film, I also love this camera.

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