Landscape Photography with the Leica M (typ262)

I wanted to take some landscape images with my digital Leica.  A Leica M is not your typical landscape camera but really there is no reason why it can’t work as one.  Granted, there are some things to work around.  For example, my 262 doesn’t have live view making exposures a bit more limiting than a standard DSLR.  But really, not a big deal at all.  The rangefinder makes focusing easier although I did have to recompose from the focus point I targeted in the rangefinder patch.  I plan to use my Leica in future landscape outings.  I have a Lee Seven 5 filter kit that I bought to use with my Fuji X100s before I sold that camera.  The Lee filter system will work fine but again it will be challenging to use my grad filters without being able to see their effect through the lens.  But again, why not expand the uses for this camera beyond documentary or street photography.  It can work and I’m up for the challenges it will bring to make it work.  It’s got a full frame, 24MP sensor that renders beautifully and Leica glass to go with it.  I’m looking forward to using it alongside my analog gear.  Neither will replace the other but using both digital and analog will give me some options and variety.

Here are some images from the Oak grove in the Blue Sky Nature Reserve here in my home town of Poway.  These black oaks were heavily damaged in the Witch Creek fire in 2007.


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