San Diego Bay

I have this week off, I’m grateful for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We had to drop my mother in law off at the airport for a flight to Utah. Diana stayed with her to make sure she got on the flight  okay.  I took the time as an opportunity to take a few hours to walk along the bayfront of downtown San Diego.  It was a beautiful, Southern California day, in the mid 80’s.   We’re expecting 93 on Thursday for Thanksgiving in my hometown of Poway…crazy weather.

The light today was beautiful.  Still harsh but the lower level of the sun as we approach the winter solstice in about a month is different than summer.  It has a quality that’s hard to describe but definitely a bit warmer I think.  I had fun, it’s been a while since I could just walk around on my own and have the time to just shoot, a reminder of why I love photography.

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