Large Format: Blacks Beach, La Jolla, California

Earlier this week I met up with @dizd on the trailhead to Blacks Beach near La Jolla.  Anyone that’s been down to the beach knows that its normally deserted for a reason.  The hill down is steep and the easy part of the trek.  The return climb is the deterrent.  I was probably carrying close to 40 pounds in my backpack.  Now, I’ve walked this hill many times but never with my large format camera.  I’m still recovering three days later!

I’m still a newbie with large format so outings like this have low personal expectations.  With everything to think about to minimize mistakes its hard to stop and think about compositions.  For the most part I’m trying to get the technical parts right and exposure and developing are first on my list of things to get comfortable with as well as the overall process of using the camera.  It’s a bit like developing film for the first time.  The first attempts at processing film are stressful and over time the comfort level kicks in.  I’m sticking to Delta 100 shot at box speed for my large format images for now.  I did mix up my lenses using the 90, 180 and 300.  We only had a couple of hours to shoot because parking up at the top of the hill is limited to two hours and is enforced strictly by the city.  In that time I shot 7 frames.  Six are shown below since one was a backup of the same composition but exposed by one extra stop.  Overall, I am happy with the technical side and am getting more comfortable using large format.  It’s always fun getting out with @dizd.  As always, thanks for reading!

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