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I’ve been using Ilford Delta 100 for the past few weeks, bulk loaded from a 100′ roll.  Where Delta 100 may not be a good option for a lot of people dealing with the dull and dark days of winter elsewhere in the northern hemisphere, it’s still a good option for me here in Southern California.  While I don’t think it will ever be my “go to” film choice, I have enjoyed using it and like the results I’m getting for it.  I’m still looking for a low iso film to use as we approach spring and summer.  Here in Southern California the sun is extremely bright so using a higher iso film limits options for shooting wide open unless I use an ND filter which is always an option if needed.  But it would be great to find a low iso film for every day use that has the flexibility of HP5 or Tri-X.

Here are a few of my favorite shots taken over the past week on my Leica MP.  Some of the first ones are of a short hike I took to Torrey Pines State Park.  Our favorite place to walk on a Saturday morning is the boardwalk at Mission Beach here in San Diego.  There are always a lot of people and activities to capture.  I just like to capture normal life in our city and this is a good place to go.




As always, thanks for reading!

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  • Looks to me as if you’ve clicked well with Delta 100, Bill. I like the tones and there’s a nice atmosphere in many of your images. Being in Scotland, I have exactly the opposite problem to you. I’m about to start a new project using FP4 rated at 200 ISO and developed in D76 for dull day shots and HP5 rated the same and developed in Perceptol when the sun is shining. Maybe using HP5 the same way would work for you? The highlights and contrast are controlled very nicely and it’s not too fast at 200 ISO. this was a combination used by English photographer James Ravilious and was also a favourite of Barry Thornton. There are examples of their work online. Ravilious’s photographs are wonderful.

    • Thanks so much Bruce. I do like Delta 100. Looking forward to seeing your FP4 project. I am also going to buy a 100′ roll of HP5 and start working with that at 1600 with some developing experiments to see what I can get in the way of contrast. I’m humbled to be compared to any noted photographers, thanks for that. I’ll have to look for their work, hopefully I can find them online. Best….Bill

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