Landscapes with a Rangefinder

I hiked for a few hours yesterday with my Leica M(typ262) with a Summilux 50mm.  I’ve been focused on trying out this combination for landscape photography.  While I love shooting my medium format film camera there are times when I just want to travel light and be open to the opportunities that present themselves.  There are obvious challenges using this camera for landscapes.  It’s a stripped down Leica M, no video and no live view.  No autofocus, no focus stacking, none of the features and options available on the traditional DSLR’s or even other mainstream mirrorless cameras.  Like all Leica M’s there is no ability to see through the lens so any attempt to add a filter will require taking some images and then viewing them on the LCD display after the fact.  I have a  set of Lee Seven 5 filters including graduated neutral density and of course 10 and 6 stop filter for long exposures.  I didn’t use any filters on my walk yesterday but I’m going to give this gear a go and see what I can do with it.  Let me know if you use a Leica M for landscape photography and how you’ve gotten on with it.

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