Lake Poway Hike

I had to get out today and away from my computer.  It was a day with some rain showers but cool and breezy as well, a perfect day to walk the 2.5 miles around the lake.  Normally, in the summer, this walk is tough with the heat that hits the Poway valley.  Today, it was absolutely perfect.  I took along my Leica M 262 with the 35mm Summarit 2.4.  I don’t normally shoot with a 35mm lens but knowing I’d be out in the landscape, it seemed perfect and it was.  I love shooting film, but I also really enjoy my digital camera.  It handles almost exactly the same as my MP, the exposure circle in both cameras is about the same so I feel very comfortable moving between both.  Hope you enjoy these images.

 As alway, thanks for reading!

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