Windows, Doors & Light

I had a medical appointment at the Naval Medical Center today.  The hospital is close to Balboa Park, so I stopped by with my camera after I was done with my visit.

I usually go shooting looking for opportunities without any objective in mind.  Today, I focused on capturing good light.  As I got deeper into my photowalk I focused on light, door and windows.  There are a lot of heavy double doors in the old buildings in the park, most fairly plain but some rather ornate and beautiful.  I took some other subjects when I saw nice light on anything that caught my eye.

I shot with my Leica M typ262 with a Summarit f/2.4 35mm lens.  That’s not my usual focal length but I thought I’d try something different today.  It’s not likely I’ll ever settle on a 35mm lens, I just love the 50mm focal length.  But it was fun to shoot a bit wider today.



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