Coronado Beach

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a post, time to get back to it. I’m quite down on social media these days. There never seems to be a time when I can go into Twitter or Instagram and not be faced with fringe opinions. Even photographers that I respect and admire for their work seem unable to separate themselves from it. I’m often tempted to unfollow those that I disagree with but for what purpose. I don’t like them for their politics, I enjoy seeing their work. So, I just deleted Instagram from my phone. I haven’t closed my account yet but still may. Twitter is clinging by a thread and may be next. Those are the only two social media accounts I still involve myself with. Facebook disappeared a long time ago.

That’s enough of that for now.

I did make a special trip to Coronado a week ago to shoot some black and white film on my Rolleiflex. I just shot one roll and limited my subjects to a small portion of the beach away from any sign of people. There weren’t many there that day but it was at the end of a very warm autumn day. There are some really nice dunes at the northern end of the beach. Coronado is an amazing beach, one of the best in all of the U.S.  You can tell how popular this place is by the number of footprints in the sand.  I need to remember to take a rake with me next time.  These are all shot on Ilford HP5+, developed in HC110(b).


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