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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about social media and what this website means to me.

I’m really turning away from a shotgun approach to social media.  The sense that I have to be connected on most if not all of them.  I now realize that I have a greater need to be connected to the people that I share and value experiences with.  People that share and have intersecting interests and experiences.  The social platform must take a back seat to relationships with the people I value.

So, not to disparage social platforms generally but there are some that are better for connecting with people.  I’ll stick with Twitter as my primary social media connection.  More importantly though, I want this site to be a place where others can connect with my work…which is still a very much a work in process.  I really always strive to improve and to focus on my favorite photographic subjects, which can still vary widely, for good or for worse.  That’s another post all by itself.

To that end, I’ve now restructured this site to make it much simpler and more direct to my purpose.  There are really only two main pages now, the landing page and this journal.  I’ve taken my so called “portfolios” off.  For the most part, the images in my “portfolios” were highlighted in some, but not all of my journal posts.  Now, I will share my images with the written word, an accompanying story if you will.  The plan is to add more context and to personalize the shots I share.

As part of this whole introspective exercise, I’ve come to the clear realization that I really don’t pursue photography for any money that might be derived by sharing my images via “portfolios.”    I’m not in this extremely passionate pursuit for profit so why design and work with a website that looks like I am in it for monetary gain?  I take photographs solely because I love to.  I want to continue to take photographs for as long as God will grant me the health to do so.  I’m also at a stage in my life where I’m not going to ever count on photography to earn a living.

However, I do want to leave a legacy taking photographs of what I see in my everyday life. Those images won’t normally be anything earth shattering or of any artistic consequence to ever stand tall in a swanky gallery.  But they will be a legacy to what I see around me, impactful enough to cause me to raise the camera to my eye.  Perhaps my grandkids can look on them when they’re older and be grateful to have a connection to these fleeting moments in time.

I guess as I become more at peace with my passion to take photographs, it leads me to want to envelop my images with the words that belong aside them, hence the focus on my journal.  I love to write almost as much as I love to take photographs.  This is a natural and long past due path for me to pursue more deliberately.

The images in this particular introspective rant were taken last weekend at Mission Beach, San Diego.  They were all home processed.  Diana and I like to take long slow walks on the boardwalk when we can during our weekends.  The walk is nice and flat and there are always interesting people and weird things going on from time to time.  It’s not Venice Beach by any means, not that quirky, but it can have its moments.

I hope you’ll resonate with this post and consider following along as I redirect, nurture and develop this journal in a much more personal way.

As always, thanks for reading!

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