Rollei Repairs and CLA’s

I drove up to Manhattan Beach on February 11 to pick up my Rolleiflex at Harry Fleenor’s.  Harry has been repairing Rollei’s since 1966, some of those years in their factory service centers.   I’m very protective of my Rollei so wanted to personally deliver and pick up my camera and not trust it to the post office.  I also have to admit that at first I wasn’t too sure about sending off the camera through the post office to someone who has been at this for the past 49 years.  That’s a long time, I wanted to make sure it was actually going to be Harry working there at the shop!

I did meet Harry and rest assured, he is actually there every day taking care of his business.  He has a younger assistant too that does much of the actual work with Harry.  When I dropped off the camera I chatted with both gentlemen to discuss a CLA estimate and the overall process of getting the work done.  Harry estimated it would take about eight weeks and it didn’t faze me a bit.  I was more than willing to let it go for that time knowing that I would get it back in “like new” condition.   It actually was ready in about seven weeks and yes, it was well worth the wait.  

The Rollei now sounds and feels great in every way.  The mechanicals in the camera all operate so smoothly and effortlessly.  The shutter button is just amazingly beautiful in its working.  It just slides without out a hitch through the whole shooting process.  The film crank was a bit stiff when I dropped it off.  Not having experience with how it should have worked, I thought little of it even though it did hang up a few times so I figured it may not be operating properly.  Harry diagnosed it as stiff as soon as he felt it.  I know now that it was stiff before the CLA because it operates so smoothly now…right to the appearance of the next frame number.  

So yes, I highly recommend Harry Fleenor if you have a Rollei in need of repair or a CLA.  He took great care of my camera and delivered it back to me in “like new” condition.  It was super clean and operates in all respects like “buttah!”  

After picking it up from Harry, I drove the few miles west to Manhattan Beach pier.  I forgot to bring along my light meter so used the sunny 16 rule for my exposures.   I also didn’t have a lot of time to spend shooting because I wanted to get back on the 405 freeway south to San Diego before the traffic changed the two hour drive into a four hour one. 


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