The Natural Beauty of Vermont

We spent almost a week in Vermont after our recent trip to New York to attend a film workshop hosted by Johnny and Rebecca Patience and Bijan Sabet and some wonderful sponsors including Leica Store in Soho, Richard Photo Lab, Ona Bags, Lumu and Kodak Alaris.

The week in Vermont was just what the doctor ordered.  A peaceful, calm and relaxing visit to one of the most beautiful spots in the country.  We spent a few days with relatives in Morrisville.  Most of the time was spent with my Rolleiflex as I went out in search of new subjects.  Almost everything was different than any scenes in Southern California so my camera eye was on steroids as almost everything I looked at seemed worthy as a subject for a shot.  We were a bit early for fall colors by a week or so.  Nevertheless, the scenery is spectacular.

Vermont reminds me of my growing up years in Scotland.  The majesty of the countryside, both inspiring and reflectively calming.  The greens of the trees and grasses crisscrossed by the narrow and meandering country roads that seem to lead to nowhere in particular.  The small bodies of water that break the textures of the landscape. The communal sense of who and what belongs and what’s temporary in the small villages that dot the landscape.  All of this takes me back to quieter, more innocent and carefree times.

The atmosphere announced a distinct change, the end of summer.  While warm, there was a very slight and dry chill in the soft wind that seemed to declare the inevitability of the coming autumn.  I took a long walk with my camera along a dirt road that passed by farms preparing for the inevitable change in weather and the shorter, darker winter days that were not far ahead.  Trucks constantly passed, burdened by the food to be stored to provide essential nourishment for the dairy cattle through the long and hard winter.

While the trees were still clinging to their dark shades of green, a few had reluctantly given up the nourishing sap keeping them vibrantly alive only to mock their upcoming demise with a defiant splash of beautiful golds and yellows announcing the inevitable end of their short season on this earth.  The colors remind us of the temporal nature of our own existence.  The natural cycle, how short it is but how beautiful it can all be with the promise that it will all be repeated in due time.


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