Battle Frog ~ San Diego

My youngest son and his girlfriend signed up for Battle Frog with a few of their friends.  Battle Frog is a branded obstacle race series held in various locations around the country.  The race was back this past January on a course originally designed for motocross.  Twenty five Barriers and obstacles designed by Navy Seals and SeaBees were built at various points around this 8 kilometer course.  This is a huge physical challenge for any athlete.  It rises to another level versus long distance running.

I was there to take photographs, thankfully.  I found a few strategic spots around the course to grab some shots and to find the soul of this event.  It’s grueling for those who take it on.  Bruises, cuts and scrapes are common.  It’s as much a psychological event as it is physical.  Many of the obstacles are daunting but at the same time not out of reach for most of these athletes.  Here are a select few images.

Most were taken with my Leica MP on Tri-X, a few are in medium format with the Rolleiflex 2.8f.

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