My Favorite Photography Podcasts

If you live and breathe photography like I do you’’ll want to find any way you can to keep learning to continually improve your skills and knowledge.

Subscribing and listening to podcasts is a great way to stay connected to some of the best photographers and teachers of photography.  In fact I learned most of what I know from reading and podcasts. Yep, podcasts.   So, I’m going to share my favorite podcasts with you and encourage you to check them out.  If they resonate with you, all the better.  But if they don’t maybe this will prompt you to find one or two that will help increase your skills and knowledge.

Just as a quick disclaimer, these are MY favorites and by no means represent all the best of the podcast universe.  Honestly, I don’t have time to listen to everything that’s out there and not all of them complement my approach to shooting nor the tools or styles of photography I favor.  

These are my selected eight podcasts that do the most for me given the free time I have.  I’ll go through them in no particular order. There aren’t any images in this posting, I thought it was more important to communicate with the written word.  But there are plenty of links that should help you find your way around if you need more information.

JEFF CURTO’S CAMERA POSITION:  A podcast about the creative side of photography
Jeff Curto’s Camera Position
iTunes – Podcasts – Jeff Curto’s Camera Position by Jeff Curto

In Jeff’s own words, “Camera Position is a podcast about the visual and creative processes in photography, not the technical.

Using images and the spoken word, my podcasts are about the “why” of photography from the point of view of the creative photographer.”

I really love pondering the “why” of photography.  Jeff has a very intellectual approach that causes me to question my approach to photography, all the while inspiring me to look deeper into the my philosophical approach.  He also gets into other subjects, one of my favorites being thinking about how to organize and execute a project based approach.  Jeff hasa professorial approach to his projects.  He definitely has the most polished approach, his presentations are clear and well organized.  I find myself going back to his podcasts in my iTunes library frequently almost like a reference book to refresh my knowledge of a certain subject and even to be inspired.

Class Lectures with Jeff Curto from College of DuPage
History of Photography Podcasts
iTunes – Podcasts – History of Photography Podcasts by Jeff Curto

In this podcast, Jeff Curto presents his recorded class lectures during his History of Photography course at College of DuPage.  I love this podcast for its academic approach to photography.  Jeff takes us through his actual class presentations including his relaxed discussions with students.  His last class’s syllabus can be downloaded here (pdf).

My favorite parts of this podcast is Jeff’s discussion of the history of photography (hence the title) and the conceptual essence and practice of photography by some of its brilliant practitioners.  His podcasts are such a joy to listen.  I really appreciate the academically based approach and feel like I’m right in the classroom listening as Jeff shares his vast knowledge of photography’s roots.

You don’t have to wait for the next semester’s classes to begin.  Jeff leaves the previous semesters podcast sessions in place until they are replaced by the new one so you will always have a full semester of podcasts to listen to on his blog or in iTunes.

MARTIN BAILEY PHOTOGRAPHY PODCAST:  A podcast about the creative side of photography
Martin Bailey Photography
iTunes – Podcasts – Martin Bailey Photography Podcast (Enhanced) by Martin Bailey Photography K.K.

Martin is a Nikon shooter, primarily landscapes and wildlife.  He has a really laid back approach to his podcasts, a really nice mellow and soothing approachHe has a broadcasters voice in a vital english accent.  Martin grew up in the UK and moved to Japan where he is now a Japanese citizen.  I know because I’ve listened to his podcasts now for many years and enjoyed his personal stories as he quit his day job to become a full time professional photographer in his adopted homeland.  

Martin is one of those people who I feel I know as a friend even though we’ve only met once when I attended his printing workshop at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California earlier this year.  If you really want the essence of how to print successfully, I heartily suggest picking up his e-book from Craft & Vision titled “Making the Print.”  Martin’s book is a very fundamental and thorough tutorial on how to be successful in taking your images to the final step through printing.

While I don’t really shoot wildlife, I’ve learned much from Martin about my approach to photography using my smaller cameras.  Martin also has an amazing website and is a master at social networking with frequent guest appearances on other podcast episodes including This Week in Photo, another of my favorite podcasts.

This Week in Photo – Home of the TWiP Podcast
iTunes – Podcasts – This Week in Photo by Pixel Corps

This Week in Photo is hosted by Frederick Van Johnson.  The show is one of the more polished productions of all my favorite podcasts.  The format is a panel based discussion with back and forth banter where each of the rotating weekly guests contributes to the discussion on a variety of photography topics.  

I like Frederick’s (not Fred) open and informal style.  He leads and facilitates the discussion without getting in the way of the other photographers on the panel.  The result is a nice variety of opinions and thought that gives the listener plenty of angles and positions to consider.  

The topics sometimes reflect the week’s news in relation to photography which keeps it current.  

Frederick also has great sense of humor and upbeat manner that makes the show lively and engaging. 

The Candid Frame: A Photography Podcast
iTunes – Podcasts – The Candid Frame: A Photography Podcast by Ibarionex R. Perello

Ibarionex Perello is a master interviewer.  Ibarionex takes me back to best interviewers in television and radio history, he’s that good and frankly I’m surprised he hasn’t been “discovered” yet.  His questions are insightful, penetrating and revealing.  He pulls out the best qualities of those he interviews probing the essence of their skills around not only photography but the creative arts.  

He creates a comfortable space around his questions allowing the person being interviewed to give full and personal responses that gives the listener rare insight to their creativity and experiences making his interviews well worth taking the time to listen to.  In my opinion, they’re the best interviews in the blogosphere.  As an added bonus, barionex’s bassy voice is really pleasant to listen to.  

Finally, Ibarionex openly discusses his personal approach to his podcasts and his craft.  If you’re new to his podcast, I’d strongly recommend listening first to episode 178, entitled “Lessons Learned.”  In this episode, Ibarionex lays bare his learned experiences from his many years of interviews and relates that experience to his own creativity through the insights he’s garnered from some of the world’s top photographers.  Those insights have helped him overcome some of his own personal walls.  He shares very personally in this episode.  Most of us would be reluctant to open up and share so intimately.

The Active Photographer
iTunes – Podcasts – The Active Photographer Podcast by Giles Babbidge

As Giles Babbidge tells it as he opens his weekly podcast, “It’s quite simple, really. The Active Photographer is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the day-to-day life of a working professional photographer.”  That’s why I love it.  

Giles takes us on his real life assignments whether for a client or for personal work and gives us an informative narrative as he goes along.  Giles is a full time professional photographer.

It’s a style that makes it incredibly fun and easy to listen to.  You feel like you’re right there alongside him as he ventures around the United Kingdom with his Nikon gear.  Lately, he’s been into combining his love for photography with an increasing emphasis on the outdoors.  His images have recently focused more on these outdoor scenes whether camping at his hosted “Jolly” or taking images of racing cars or trucks at a track. 

I always look forward to Giles’ podcast published faithfully every Monday for the inspiration and “get out there and shoot” attitude that Giles communicates.  He always prompts me to remember that taking photographs should be fun and not something to be done just for the sake of it.  The fact that he always publishes on a Monday, the toughest day of my week is just cream on the pie.

Photography Tips from the Top Floor | TFTTF – the free show about all things photography with Chris Marquardt
iTunes – Podcasts – Photography Tips from the Top Floor by Chris Marquardt

Photography Tips from the Top Floor or TFTTF for short is the longest running photography podcast on the internet.  Chris Narquardt, the founder and host has been sharing his love and knowledge of photography and has just passed his 600th episode.  Chris began podcasting the show in April 2005 pioneering the medium.  His show has been honored twice as the best podcast in the PodcastAwards (education category) and has been a finalist four times.

Chris’s experience shines through on the show.  His delivery is completely upbeat, he obviously still gets a kick out of producing the show and that optimistic perspective shines during the show.  Chris shares his knowledge going from the basics of photography to some of the most nuanced technical discussion I’ve heard from any podcast.  He knows his stuff and is always willing to share.  No question is too basic for his show to the immense benefit of his listeners who want to learn or be reminded of the fundamentals of photography and in the same show be taken to a new place and level of understanding of their craft.  

Chris is a frequent guest on The Tech Guy, a nationally syndicated radio shot and podcast hosted by where he shares his knowledge of photography with Leo Laporte and his national audience.

Film Photography Project | An Internet Radio Show & On-Line Resource for Film Shooters Worldwide
iTunes – Podcasts – FILM PHOTOGRAPHY PODCAST by Independent Podcasters of America

Okay, this by far the most eclectic and far ranging podcast of all that I listen to…even though it is totally focused on film photography.  

If you’re not into film this podcast is not for you. However if you are into film or thinking about shooting film this show is about as fun and informative as it gets.   

These guys as co-hosts, Michael Raso, Mat Maarrash, John Fedele are from another time and place.  They’re about as old school as you can get.  The knowledge and insight from these guys is utterly amazing.  The information they share on old film cameras, their nuances and the film that goes in them is like a vocal encyclopedia.  

Their delivery just floods your brain and the way they share it is almost like a radio show from the 60’s.  You’re either going to love it or hate it, no in between.  Me, I love it!  

I’ve started using film again and have learned much from this show in short time I’ve been following it and am looking forward to the future episodes.  You have to leave time for it though, these podcasts are long….some just over an hour and others well in excess of two.   But that’s the beauty of podcasts, you can leave them and come back where you left off when time allows.

So those are my eight favorite photography podcasts.  That’s good number for me and about as much as I can find time for.  I listen to these podcasts in the car from my iPhone ported into my sound system, on my iPhone during a lunchtime walk or even while cutting the grass on the weekend.  My app of choice for listening to podcasts is called Downcast available in the Apple’s app store.  Unfortunately not available on Android.

Hope this helps direct you to a podcast or two that you might not have heard about or might not have considered for your personal library.  It’s all about learning so pick the content and delivery method that works for you.  The main thing is to keep on improving your skills by learning from others who have already gone through the experience and can build on your knowledge and expertise no matter what level of photography you’re coming from.

Thanks for reading!

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