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Battling Camera Lust

If you’re like me, someone whose thoughts turn to photography everyday in some form or another, you’re likely also drawn into and pushing away from the constant temptation to collect

Whittier Lacrosse Legacy Images

Here’s the link to the album on Flickr where you can find all my images from Whittier Lacrosse taken from 2006 – 2010.  Please feel free to share this

Mission Beach, San Diego

We took a walk along Mission Beach here in San Diego yesterday.  The weather was cool, nice for walking.  This is a great place to photograph people as they walk.

The Nikon F4S

The Nikon F4, one of the best if not the best Nikon film camera ever made.  I now own a Nikon Fi3HP and this newly purchased F4S.I just couldn’t resist


  How does one capture the essence of New York City in a series of photographs, especially being a rare visitor? I fretted unnecessarily for weeks about how to shoot during

The Natural Beauty of Vermont

We spent almost a week in Vermont after our recent trip to New York to attend a film workshop hosted by Johnny and Rebecca Patience and Bijan Sabet and some

Happy Accidents

I really, really struggled with developing a roll of 120 Kodak Tri-x this past weekend.  I just couldn’t get the film to roll onto my developing spool. I am not

Taking a Leap ~ with Film

It’s always intimidating and at the same time exciting to try something new and unknown, taking on a personal challenge that we’ve never attempted before.  We don’t normally venture from the norm

Rollei Repairs and CLA’s

I drove up to Manhattan Beach on February 11 to pick up my Rolleiflex at Harry Fleenor’s.  Harry has been repairing Rollei’s since 1966, some of those years in their

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